Guides and Staff




Back by popular demand!  A long time favorite at our lodge, we’ve missed Brendan the past couple of seasons and are thrilled to have him back at Nootka Wilderness Lodge!


Carrie Gage

Carrie grew up on Vancouver Island and loves every second that she spends at NWL. Carrie is excited to spend her summer at the lodge and can not wait to meet everyone!


Davis Gage

Being the daughter of our owner, Brian, Davis has grown up around the Lodge. Davis spends most of her summer out at NWL, so you will almost certainly be greeted by her smile.



Being our youngest guide, Davis is excited to come back for his second year at the lodge. Davis grew up fishing the waters of Nootka with his dad and grandfather and is eager to get back in a boat!



Mike’s been with us for five seasons at Nootka Wilderness Lodge and he has been guiding for the past 20 years.  This teacher during the winter learned a valuable lesson of his own when he once fell overboard releasing a 43 pounder!


Laurie Brown

Serving as our lodge mechanic, Laurie is one of the hardest working indivicuals at Nootka Wilderness Lodge. Laurie works day and night to assure everything is working properly and that your experience at NWL will be nothing but exceptional.


Maeve Fogarty

Growing up on North Vancouver Island, Maeve likes to consider NWL as a home away from home! Maeve will be at the lodge for the duration of your stay, and will make sure that your trip is everything you image it to be.



Kevin has been guiding for 30 years on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  Skip joined us in our 2013 season and has proven to be a valued addition to our Nootka team!  Skip has shown us some unbelievable ground fishing holes that are second to none.



Joel grew up on Vancouver Island and has always had a passion for the outdoors.  He started guiding 16 years ago and has spent the past 11 years at Nootka Wilderness Lodge.  Joel is a soft spoken, patient, fishing machine!



With many years experience we know that you will be able to taste the amount of heart Teresa puts into all of her amazing dishes.  Our guests have nothing but rave reviews for her.



Vinnie moved to the west coast 24 years ago and has been hooked on fishing here and enjoying the beautiful scenery ever since. This will be his third season with NWL . Vinnie loves fishing with NWL because the staff are outstanding and to him Nootka Sound is the prettiest place on earth!

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