Your Hosts

Brian and Kelly Gage would like to welcome you to Nootka Wilderness Lodge.  With more than twenty five years working in the fishing industry we are dedicated to making your experience at Nootka Wilderness Lodge like none other. We look forward to working closely with you to ensure that the superb quality of service that you have come to know and expect is met and surpassed. Each fishing season we truly look forward to welcoming friends from years gone by as well as new guests to our lodge.

Brian Fishing side bar

Brian will be your host at the lodge and is passionate about making sure that you have an unforgettable experience.  Feeling fortunate to have grown up on the coast of Vancouver Island, Brian enjoys sharing his “home” with people from around the world.  Fishing is in his blood!  As a young child, Brian would spend endless summer days fishing in the little creek behind his home – using a stick for a rod and worms for bait.  Not a care in the world – other than diving for cover when the big kids passed through!   He remembers reaching into his pockets at school only to find Brian side barforgotten worms – dried up from the weekend at the creek.  At the age of 17,  Brian got his first job  as a fishing guide in Campbell River and the rest is history.  A man known for his love of people, his enthusiasm for life, his admiration for the west coast, and his passion for fishing.

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