Fish Processing

We have partnered with The UPS Store in Campbell River, which is run locally by Sebastian Saez and his wife Yumey Cuan, to ship your catch home safely. The main reason we have decided to work exclusively with them is because they have shown that they care about your fish. They carefully package your fish with dry ice, prepare customs documentation (including an FDA Prior Notice for all shipments going to the U.S.A.), and carefully monitor your package to make sure it gets to its destination safely and quickly.

Sebastian and Yumey can be contacted directly if you have any questions/concerns regarding shipping at or via phone at 250-850-3500 Ext. 5

The UPS Store #215
1434 Ironwood St.
Campbell River, BC V9W5T5
(250) 286-3500

One of the services we like to offer our guests is exceptional care of your fresh fish. We go to great lengths to ensure quality care in handling and transportation of your catch. You may wish to consider the following processing options:


Our most popular choice. Fresh fillets, vacuum packed, and frozen. Fillets cut in a variety of portion sizes.


Steaks are cut cross-section through the bone. This is also a popular choice. Typically they are packaged 2 per package.

Hot Smoke:

Be sure to ask about the different flavours available including regular hot smoke, pepper smoke, or cajun.


A traditional West Coast treat!

Cold Smoked:

Also known as lox – this process does not use heat and the fish is not cooked. Lox is popular with capers and bagels.


Regular canned or smoked canned are both great ways to enjoy your salmon throughout the year.